I hope you enjoy every day with love, lightness, grace and joyđź’›
I am looking for inspiring people to build a team organizing, co-leading retreats, seminars,
gatherings, workshops, festivals and more, around the world and online.

I strongly believe in the power of Co-Creation to Uplift and Transform Humanity.
I am building a dedicated website with the pure intention to make it the most inspiring
global platform website for Transformative Retreats.

Partnerships and active interactions between yoga teachers, healers, musicians, performing artists, dancers, empowering Feminine energy coaches, speakers, creatives, conscious mindset leaders, holistic doctors, physicists, spiritual leaders, inspired writers, facilitators, quantum activators, therapists and wellness coaches, ready to spread their own medicine in a global campfire setting.

A vast platform to raise the vibration and Consciousness and awareness around the world: to bring Love, Joy, Grace, Empathy, Wellbeing, Lightness, Intuition, and raise Feminine energy in all people of every culture and physical condition. The co-creation of a new illuminated world through a healing and conscious team willing to freely share in transformational retreats in gorgeous high energy venues around the world.
I am looking for a small team for the beginning…small but powerful, skillful, empathetic, and egoless, grounded.

There is only one goal for me: to fullfill the highest most truthful expression of yourself as human being.

More details will be revealed in the correct time, to the right, aware people.

I want to create partnerships and facilitate and create cutting-edge retreats.
You will be able to share your yoga retreat on the Worldwide Platform, FB Page and Instagram.
To do all of this I hope to meet the people who are aligned with this vision (a vision of ONENESS) in person.

I’m very excited to hear from you, about your experiences, where you are from and are based, what you would love to share with the world, what your dreams are, your proposals on this, and to deeply feel your thoughts.
With Love, Dheva

A bit of me here:


Below the new-born page that will become the vast platform for Yoga & Beyond Retreats where teachers, therapists, musicians, dancers, healers, performance artists, spiritual leaders, speakers, and creatives will publish their events, and interact with the others to co-create gorgeous, magical events all around the world.
And, of course,
YOGAONTHEROAD will became the name of the Inspiring Team that I’m building.

Here is the page:


The Yogaontheroad websyte is with essential elements ready to be filled in together with the right people and the CO-CREATION mind-set

If you really feel this spark inside you, please feel free to contact me.

**In this particular, difficult time if you can, if you have the strength and power within you to do your Big Fat Best (I know you can) to help all the people around you and your fellows far away to release from the very first virus: fear and indifference!!!**

We are all in this together❤️



Phone Number –  WhatsApp: +39 393 161 8039