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Monia Segnali (Dheva)


Yoga and the teachings received from powerful shamans around the world have changed my life and I couldn’t be happier. I love to inspire souls on the move and my goal is to awaken human consciousness towards freedom, joy, harmony between heart and mind. I have always believed in the alchemical union of opposites, Shadow and Light, East and West, Solar Forces and Lunar Forces, Science and Mysticism. I am a visionary, a researcher and a rebel and I have always believed in the great possibility that each of us has to transform and elevate our self to enjoy a life that is rich, abundant, satisfying and full of love. I believe in the infinite untapped potential we have and in the need to create solutions rather than getting lost in problems. After my specialization in Neuroscience and Forensic Psychology I was Vice President in a large European company but during that journey something extraordinary happened in my life and I didn’t think twice about leaving a prestigious position for a new path without certainties and now I love transfer what the millennial mastery of Yoga and shamanic arts combined with the modern world and my personal hybrid style, free from constraints and accessible to all, plus all that my long travels alone around the world have taught me to all those in search of total psycho-physical well-being, achievement of one’s goals and performance. My mission is to bring my meaning of Yoga to people of any age, culture and physical limitation. Because happiness is a choice and not a goal and is reached along the way, every moment is there, extraordinarily accessible to all of us.

Eternal Traveller, Scientific Researcher, Channeler and Activator of the Sacred Feminine, Yoga Teacher (Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, Vinyasa) Nutritionist and Certified Therapist worldwide, collaborates worldwide with International Yoga Schools, Yoga Retreats, Shamanic Journeys, Clinics Rehabilitation, Aesthetic Medicine, Plant-Based Nutrition and Weight Loss Centers and privately on demand with small groups with tailor-made sessions and private consultations.

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Our Yoga Destinations

10-17 September 2022

Paros (Greece)

Holiday Yoga Mindfulness

20-27 August 2022

Paros (Greece)

Holiday Yoga Mindfulness

12-19 August 2022

Syros (Greece)

Holiday Yoga Mindfulness


26-29 March 2020

Detox Retreat in Greece

Yoga Nature, Culture and Wellness Programme

20-27 June 2020

Iceland Adventure: Midnight Sun

Nature, Mindfulness With The Midnight Sun, Detox & Yoga

02-09 September 2020

Iceland Adventure: Aurora

Nature, Aurora, Detox & Yoga

More Destinations Coming Soon!